About Us

 Welcome to The Naples Winery!

The Naples Winery tropical wines are made here in Florida from the finest, freshest, hand-selected fruit, then squeezed and fermented using the highest quality products available.  The full-bodied deep rich flavor of our ultra-premium wine is proof positive of our commitment to excellence.

All of our premium specialty citrus wines are made 100% from pure Florida citrus juice.  It can take upwards of 9 pounds of citrus fruit to give us enough juice for just one bottle of our Orange Sunshine, Grapefruit, or Tangerine wine.  We are the only wine to have been awarded the privelage of using the "Florida Citrus" label.

Using a special process of fermentation, aging and bottling we produce true to the flavor wines without any artificial flavorings. Our fruit wines are 100% fruit on the label.  They are not made from grapes or an inexpensively flavored grape wine base.  To date our wines have won 275 medals nation wide at state fairs and wine competitions.


We invite you to visit our winery at Tin City in Naples, Florida and participate in our free daily wine tastings.  It is the best-known secret in Naples!  


Hours of Operation

       Regular Hours  


              Sunday 11:00am–5:00pm  

We also carry a full line of delightful wine accessories and premium cigars!